What kind of web site would you like?
    It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Do you just want a business card style of web site to tell your business associates some more about yourself or your services, or do you want a post card style web site to show off pictures of the family and your last vacation?

    First, Gather information.
    For a business site, collect all of your existing marketing materials, logos, art work, etc.
    For a personal site, collect everything you would like to be on your personal site.
    Now try to visualize what your page should look like. Don't forget that visitors to your web site don't like to sit and wait too long for a page to load. That means that you may have to eliminate some of the material that you collected or you may have to add a page.

    Next, Pick a package.
    Below are some basic packages listed to get you started. It is best to start small and increase the web site size at a later date. We will suggest a layout for you if you prefer. When the rough draft is ready, we will notify you for your review and/or comments.

    Last, Marketing of your new web site.
    With your approval, we will submit your new web site to the major search engines and databases.

What kind of web sites and features are available?
  • Personal Home Page.
    One text page created to your specifications. Basic background. A link to your email address. Any images that you supply via email. Plus more...
  • Business Web Site.
    Five text pages created to your specifications. Up to three stock backgrounds. A link to your email address. Any images that you supply via email. URL submission to five search engines. One form mail (for customer's input to be sent to your email address). Plus more...
  • Corporate Web Site.
    This is a combination of services and anything else you need to establish your web presence. We will be happy to quote you on your custom web site.
  • Ask us about the 'Business Card' style web page.
  • Ask us about the 'Resume' style web page.


    SPECIAL: Please inquire about our US$ 80.00 web site design.
    Personal Home Page.
      US$ 80.00, one page, additional pages at US$ 40.00.
    Business Web Site.
      US$ 350.00, five pages, additional pages at US$ 40.00.
    Corporate Web Site.
      Please ask for a quote.
    Business Card Style Web Page.
      Please ask for a quote.
    Resume Style Web Page.
      Please ask for a quote.
    • Scanning. US$ 6.00 per picture (8.5"x11" max.) discount for quantity.
    • Emailed graphics. Will be included at no extra charge.
    Special effects.
    We can provide you with various JavaScripts. Costs vary, please enquire.
    Maintenance contracts.
    Please enquire.

    Domain Hosting. This does NOT include web site design.

    • Please check our hosting packages here.

    Domain Registration. This does NOT include web site design.

    • www.yourname.com, (if available) US$ 20.00 (included in some packages).
    • We can provide you with a sub domain, ie:
      www.cyberpagesdesign.com/yourname at a cost of US$ 80.00/year.
      This includes hosting of up to three pages.
      Each additional page at US$ 10.00/year.
    URL submission to search engines and databases.
    US$ 5.00 per search engine (first five included with non-basic packages)